Endangered Wildlife Environment Trust

About EWET

Endangered Wildlife and Environmental Trust is a Non-profit organization, committed on wildlife and nature conservation in Tamil Nadu. We conduct Wildlife Rescues and Rehabilitation and Environment Education and Awareness Programs, Our team dedicated professionals work towards achieving its vision of a secure natural heritage of Tamil Nadu.

We prevent Poaching activities in the sanctuary areas and villages. Artificial nest are erected creating living atmosphere for the birds. Processing and exhibition are conducted periodically appreciating our work the district collector has allotted a room in SPCA building for our social service we do our social activities with the co-operation of the officials of the rescue dept, School education dept., pollution control board and municipal corporation Thanjavur.

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Endangered Species and Wild animals

Our Rescue in Thanjavur

We are EWET

Endangered Wildlife Environmental Trust

EWET Mission & Vision

Diverse Wildlife Populations in Tamil Nadu are secure and thriving

To conserve wildlife and it habitat and to work for the welfare of individual wild animals, in partnership with communities and governments.

  • We believe it is imperative to support public/private relationships to ensure success of conservation efforts.
  • We believe that wildlife, landscape, and people can and should coexist in order to preserve the unique character of the Tamil nadu.
  • Our motto of saving and rescuing the reptile, amphibians and animals which are threat of survival.
  • To strive for a balance in the man-animal-nature relationship to take all steps necessary to provide relief to all animals, especially wildlife from pain and suffering.
  • To inculcate humanistic values in humans and to spread the message of kindness and compassion towards animals and respect for the environment.
  • To help and rescue wild animals in distress and provide them with Veterinary treatment and general care and finally to rehabilitate them in the wild after ascertaining the sustain ability of the habitat.

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